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Picturesque Vermont Apple Orchard and
Blueberry Patch for Sale

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better view anywhere in the Northeast! West Mountain Farm in Stamford, Vermont is 95 acres of orchards, blueberries, fenced pastures, and gorgeous mountain views that stretch endlessly over the horizon. This 4 bedroom, 3,000 sf mountain luxury home and all the necessary amenities is available now!

The 95 acre self-sustaining farm for sale is made up of three contiguous parcels with more than half a mile of dead-end road frontage. There is an apple orchard, blueberries, and tracts for farming as well as plenty of fenced pastures for raising a variety of animals; since 1988, the farm has been home to about 800 llamas and alpacas.

With elevations from 1,800-2,150 feet, the land is absolutely pristine. The Vermont apple orchard and Blueberry Patch for sale includes:

Apple Orchard
  • 300+ Apple Trees
  • 50-Acre Woodlot
  • Motor Home Facilities
  • 2-Acre Zoning
  • 20 Fenced Acres
  • 400+ Blueberries
  • 17 Pastures with Water & Electricity

Organic Farming

The 1,400 sf greenhouse is a great start as is a gravity flow water supply. This self-sustaining farm for sale is excellent for animal husbandry and there are good areas for producing fruits, vegetables. No sprays have been used on the land for the past three years. Check with Northeast Organic Farm Association at (802) 434-3821 for details on organic farming.

We have had inquiry from preppers and survivalists. The farm would make a lovely place for an animal rescue operation. It is perfect for virtually all ruminants (cows, sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas). Animal husbandry has been a prime use of this property since the 1880s. All of the facilities on the property can be converted to horse husbandry. There are a number of Community Supported Agriculture farms around, and the market is asking for more: it could be you! Needless to say, investment is a possibility, with 95 acres and 2 acres zoning.

Preppers and Survivalists

Location, location, location. Survivalists and preppers should think of this as the first action they must consider. It is not enough to simply have food and water for a few months. West Mountain Farm has 95 acres of long term safety built in, as well as a commodious 3,000sf luxury home, 300+ apple trees and 300+ blueberry bushes are a great start toward a modest sustainable farm. In times of stress, when there are few outside supplies, you need to be where it is possible to live off the land - what you can produce yourself. On these 95+ acres there is plenty of space, and three barns, almost 20 fenced acres for animal farming (sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, cows, horses all within the possibilities) The home has a special room downstairs that has four walls and floor made of 6" concrete, with GRAVITY FLOW water, a deep well, and a sewer connection just feet away. There is a 12.8kw Onan air cooled generator with a 60 day fuel supply capacity. Perfect for times of serious long term difficulties. We often see deer, occasionally moose and rarely bear, plus many wild turkeys and fishing streams- all food animals in time of necessity. The property is within 40 miles of I 87, I 90, I 91 and the Taconic Parkway.. Northeast population centers are within 200 miles, four hours driving. The property, while secluded, is within eight miles of major grocery stores and similar facilities. There is a convenience store with gasoline just three miles away. Major universities, museums, etc within 15 miles, two international airports within 1.5 hours.

Lars Garrison, the owner, is selling the property privately, brokers will be respected.

Contact us at (802) 694-1417 or email via to learn more about this mountain luxury home and Vermont apple orchard and blueberries for sale.
Appraised at $1,100,000 and now available at $850, 000
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